Our Team

Tay and Courtney have been working together for 6 years now. They strive to meet their clients wants and expectations. They listen thoroughly to each bride and figure out their perfect look for the morning of. Tay and Courtney's goal is to make sure their brides feel comfortable upon meeting them and make sure they go into the morning of, with no question and no hesitation. 

As the Pandemic is still on going, they feel it is important to let their clients and potential clients know that they are both fully vaccinated and they will do everything and anything to make sure their clients feel safe and comfortable.


Hair and Makeup Artist

Tay has been in the industry for over 10 years. She worked in a salon in Newport, RI and on multiple films throughout RI & MA in the past. She now puts all her focus in hair and makeup for weddings and special events. She has a beautiful son and loving husband who support anything and everything she puts her mind to.

Owner of Gvzel & CO.

Makeup Artist

Courtney is a professional in esthetics and specializes in HD/airbrush makeup. She has been in the industry for 15 years and grew up in a salon following her talented mother who is a hairdresser as well. Courtney has 3 beautiful children and too has a loving and supportive husband.