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Q: Do you Travel to us on the day of?​

A: Yes, we bring everything and travel to you on the day of!

Q: What are the steps to scheduling a trial?

A: Shoot us an email and we will get started on scheduling a trial for you!

Q: Where are your trials located?

A: Our trials are located in Warwick, RI ~ our studio is located in a residential area. 

Q: What days are trials usually scheduled? 

A: We generally do our trials on week days after 11AM depending on stylist schedules. 

​Q: Do I have to schedule a trial?

A: You do not have to schedule a trial. However, we highly recommend one that way you are comfortable with our work and we are able to understand your wants!


Q: How long does a trial typically take? 

A: Depending how many services you get, it generally takes 45 minutes to an hour. 

Q: Do I need to bring anything to my trial?

A: We suggest you bring your veil or headpiece if you have one that way you get the full look! Do not worry if you don't have one for the trial though!

Q: Can I bring someone to my trial?

A: Absolutely, the more the merrier! 

Q: How long does the day of typically take? 

A: Depending on how many people are in the party, we average about 35-45 minutes a face/head.

Q: What if I have a large party, how do you go about scheduling stylist? 

A: As freelance artists, we are lucky to work with many talented artists who specialize in both hair and makeup. If your party is large, do not stress, we will add more stylists to our staff!

Q: How does payment work for deposit and the day of?

A: We take Venmo, Zelle or cash for all payments. 

Q: What if we want to pay ahead of time or half of the total before hand?

A: You are more than welcome to pay the full amount or half of the mount before hand. We keep record of who has paid what and will send adjusted quote that way we stay on the same page for what's owed. 


Q: What is the cancellation Policy? 

A: Our cancellation policy is 90 days to get a full refund. If you do not cancel within 90 days and payment/deposits have been received, it will not be refunded. 

Q: What are the steps to securing our date? 

A: Send us an email on our inquire page and subject "securing our date". We will then email a contract and pricing page to you and go from there! 


Q: What is the deposit?

A: The deposit is required to secure the date. The deposit is non refundable 

and is used towards the brides balance.

Q: Is the deposit refundable?

A: Unfortunately not. Due to the amount of weddings we turn away for the same date we are unable to refund the deposit if canceled. This may be discussed further if needed.

Q: How long do we have to secure the date with the deposit? 

A: You have 14 days after the trial to secure the deposit. If we do not receive it, the date will be opened back up. 

Q: What happens if we need to reschedule due to the Covid-19 or Illness in the family?

A: We completely understand people get sick and try our hardest to accommodate every bride. If a wedding is needed to be rescheduled, we will do everything we can to have the new date open for you. 

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