Welcome to my page and thank you so much for visiting! 


I grew up in a small town in California called Los Gatos ~ About 45 min. South from San Francisco. I lived there until I was 15 years old. I went across country to further my education at boarding school in Hardwick, MA. 

Then came college.. I went to UMass Boston for a year then transferred to JWU in Providence, RI. I had absolutely no interest in school until I saw an add for Cosmetology! 

Long story short... I graduated Cosmetology school in 2014! I have been a Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist ever since! There is nothing I love more than making people blush and feel beautiful about themselves! 

The best thing about my job is it doesn't feel like work, it is something I love to do! When a bride tears up or glows because of how beautiful she feels that is the most satisfying feeling in the world and what I strive for. My Hair and Makeup products are hyperallergenic and some (not all) vegan.  My makeup is sweat proof, waterproof, cry proof and 18 hour wear. Can't get better than that!

I started as an assistant for my sister in law who has been hairdressing for 20 years. I loved the process of continuing to learn new things everyday but my heart wanted to branch off and start my career! 

I am currently working as a traveling Hair and Makeup artist for Gvzel & Co as well as owning my own Wedding and Event business. I previously worked as a Hair and Makeup artist at Frank Antonio Hair and Makeup in Newport, RI on Bellevue Ave and adored every single person I've worked with.


I also have experience in many Film/TV shows. I have been doing Film work for about three years thanks to my mentors. 

As I still work for those other companies throughout the year, I also am a Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist on The Knot ~ Taylor Jo Artistry ~

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